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YOU GUYS. I am so excited!

It's been a long time coming, with many hours spent on my iPad and computer... sketching, typing, uploading, designing... and now it's HERE!

2023 Sweetly Balanced lifestyle journal

I am so excited to launch this new venture and share with you something that I believe will bring more joy and balance to your life. Starting in August, you can use this journal to make plans, track progress, set goals, and so much more. It's now available to order, so grab your copy today!

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible... those who have encouraged and inspired me, my husband for believing in me and pushing me to bet on myself, the friends that willingly helped me edit and proofread... I am S O grateful for my people.

So, the wait is over and the cat's out of the bag. Here's to finding the sweet balance of life together!

♡ Clair


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