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Create happy habits

I don’t know about you, but I L O V E a good to-do list. I’m a sucker for crossing things off as they are completed and the feeling of accomplishment when the task is done. Think of your habits as your daily, weekly and monthly to-do list. Perhaps they are reminders of healthy habits you’re trying to adopt or parts of your regular routine. I am also a creature of habit, and have learned what helps me feel balanced. Plus, knowing I get to check something off when it's done often helps give me the motivation to get it done... no matter how much I hate putting away clean laundry!

Check in with yourself daily! Here are a few examples of habits to track:

habit tracker
  • Drink water

  • Make your bed

  • Work out

  • Quiet time/devotional

  • No spending

  • No alcohol

  • Healthy choices

  • 8+ hours of sleep

  • Go to bed/wake up on time

  • Cleaning tasks

  • Call a loved one

Consider setting goals for yourself with daily habits such a 4 workouts per week, no spending 2 days a week, no alcohol on week days. Not every day has to look the same! Make the tool work for you.


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