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Take care of Y O U !

Taking time daily to care for yourself is S O O O important! Making an effort to prioritize yourself and self-care for your body, soul, and mind has an overall impact on your life and how you interact with others. My therapist once told me you should do three self-care activities per day, and I've found myself feeling much more balanced and less stressed after implementing this in my life. Identify ways you can relieve stress, relax, and pamper yourself! Record each day the ways you take care of yourself through self-care, gratitude, or cheer!

Here are a few of my favorite self-care ideas:

  • Read

  • Journal

  • Me time

  • Bubble bath

  • Sleep in late

  • Have a cozy day

  • Take a break from technology

  • Plan a night out

  • Enjoy a glass of wine

  • Skin care routine

  • Mani or pedi

  • Go shopping

  • Binge a good show

  • Act of kindness

  • Be creative

I like to break my self-care goals down in different ways. Maybe I divide them into different categories (body, mind, soul) to make sure I'm caring for all aspects of my person. Sometimes I'll break them out into daily, weekly, and monthly goals - I want to make time to read every day, have a cozy day once a week, and get a pedicure once a month. I'm sure you'll notice the self-care spreads vary from month to month to help you figure out how to best prioritize yourself and your needs.


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